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My Dubai Vacation

Travel story

If you come to Dubai or Abu Dhabi (or any area in between or around) I would be glad to join you to register this amazing trip.

I will follow you registering your paths of exploration and wonder through unforgettable places.

This is how it works:

You tell me where and when. I will meet your group and follow you while capturing your new discoveries mostly in a documentary style, but also with a few posed and fun pictures along the way

My day with you can be from 3 to 10 hours, being 3 hours the minimum required

Later I will edit and color correct all your images and in a few days you will find them all in your personal client gallery in this website

The Gallery allows you to download in high-res each one of your pictures and also to share them digital directly

I can also assemble an album or picture book for you if you so desire. I have to tell you, it’s my favorite part!



First 3 hours – AED1800

Extra hours – AED300/hour

Includes photographer’s work on location and all editing hours afterwards

All images are adjusted and color corrected

Your own ‘client gallery’ in this website (from where you can share your images directly and download all your High Res files)


Shutterfly photobookAED1000 plus shipping costs



If going to sights with paid entrance, the photographer’s ticket is paid by the client

If the location is more than 60km from Dubai, travel and lodging (mutually aligned) will be added to the total cost