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After our photo session, you can choose to have only the digital files of your photos or a beautiful book (album) to hold your memories.

If you choose the first option, all your images will be placed in a Gallery, under ‘Client Gallery’ in this website. There you will be able to download your images in high resolution and also share them if you desire.



If you opt for an album, you have three options to choose from:

Miller’s professional imaging  

High quality, professional look, different choices of page thickness and covers, more formal approach


Pinhole Pro

Excellent quality, professional look, only thick matte pages, more casual yet proper approach



Good quality, everyday look (you can let your kids look through it without asking your permission for example type of look, wink)

Thinner pages, casual look



Miller’s and Pinhole are strictly for the use of professional photographers, while Shutterfly is open for everyone

If you would like to try creating albums on your own, I do recommend Shutterfly, give it a go. They do ship internationally

If you find the process a little complicated, I can help you (see WORKSHOPS  one-on-one) 

Each one of them will fulfill a different need, style, expectation and budget… so just drop me a line and we can discuss what is the best album for your needs


Only album montage

If you would love to have albums with your pictures, but don’t have the time to make them…

Well, that’s what I am here for. So you can relax now and send the work to me!



The price for this service depends on a few factors: number of images, if they need editing or not, and type of album

Let’s together discuss your vision for your book and I will give you an estimate at no cost